The appearance in the family of another child

Often parents who are expecting a second child, ask questions like: „How to learn to divide my love between the two (three …) children? „“How to make the eldest child does not feel abandoned? „…

The appearance in the family of another child is not only a reason for joy, but also cause a variety of issues and concerns. This event fundamentally changes the lives of not only adults, but older child. Now, regardless of age, it will be perceived as older and independent, and hence expect and demand from him much more.

Here parents, it is important to know when to stop – don’t forget to give the older child more attention, spend time together, to embrace, to take on hands, read a book together, watch cartoons. Because he now more than ever need your warmth, attention and care.

To get started is to explain to the child about the expected changes. Depending on the age of the child, you can choose different tactics. If your first child is still so small, is to show him other newborns in the Park, the store, the clinic. Explain to the child that he was so little and defenseless. If you have kept his „newborn“ clothes, show him.

Ask your child a little brother or sister. If you suddenly hear a negative answer – calmly explain that you have a little brother or sister is very interesting and fun. As a rule, children have such a desire closer to four years. To it they are completely satisfied with themselves to be the center of the Universe.

Show children that already have younger brothers or sisters. Note how they play together, how to take care of the baby.
the birth of the second child in the family
Gradually encourage your older child to independence. Teach her to dress, to clean up their toys, help you. Make the appearance of a baby in the house became holiday for the older child. He should think of him as a friend, not as a rival. For example, you can buy a gift for an older child from the youngest.

When a smaller baby is born, explain to the senior what you are doing. So it will have a feeling that he is involved in all these actions, and therefore to the education of the kid.

First, when the baby is asleep, spend more time with elders. Later never causeless do not dismiss it. Even if you are busy newborn baby, promise senior, when you play with him or get his attention. Clearly identify time and follow the promises.

Remember – all children are different. We should not compare them with each other. This can cause jealousy and in the future the friendship turn into a rivalry. Read children stories in which the brothers or sisters together, overcome difficulties. Teach them to play together, the roles so that everyone was involved and happy.

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