Sagan is the World Champion again. He defeated Cavendish and Boonen

The only Czech cyclist who finished the race was Zdeněk Štybar. The goal went to 45th with a loss of five and a half minutes.

Stybar had not previously captured the key division of the peloton, which occurred 180 miles ahead of the target in the wind passage in the middle of the desert.He eventually traveled the entire race in the second group, whose loss grew steadily.

Peter Sagan, on the other hand, was only the sixth cyclist of history to succeed in the world title, and in the following season,

Crystal Magnifier 2016 ​2016, when he won the World Tour classification, three stages and a green jersey on the Tour, the prestigious classic Around Flanders and the Premier European Championship.

He did it despite the fact that Slovakia had only a three-member team in the championship. Michael Kolair and Juraj Sagan originally came with him as well.

„I can not believe it, I’m still in shock.This title is even more surprising to me than last year, „Peter Sagan said.

He revealed that he was lucky to split the wind turbine in the desert wind because he was working as the last rider in the front squad.

„At the end of the race, there was an opponent in the sprint, I started to spur from behind. And again, I was lucky, because if Nizzolo had closed me at the barracks, I’m sure we would definitely collide because I would not brag. So now I’m happy. It’s unbelievable. “

Of the Czech Six, nobody except Štybar got into the third group.After the raid on the nine circuits leading to the artificial island of Perla, the other Czechs were gradually withdrawn from the race because they were threatened by a lap.

The Belgians, who then played power in the lead group and reported their pace. They pulled their gold to their Boehringer Tom Boonen, who could dominate the championship after an eleven-year pause. But on the last few meters, Mark Cavendish, the Spurter King of the Tour, and then the winner Peter Sagan, first got to Boonen.

How It Happened

The Royal Championship was actually the story of a single right-handed turn.It was already 180 kilometers ahead of the target to knock out some big favorites.

It was the Belgian commando that attacked it and made a blasting calendar from the peloton. There were many groups that were never born again during the next race.

In the first 26 members, six Belgians, led by desert expert Tom Boonenen and Olympic winner Greg van Avarmaetem four Italians bet live with Giacomo Nizzole and Elio Viviani and three Norwegians with Alexander Kristoff.

The attack was also captured by defense lawyer Peter Sagan and British leader Marc Cavendish, two of the superfamiliaries. There was also the Australian fast-track Michael Matthews, or the Dutch Niki Terpstra, the Paris-Roubaix champion in Paris.Later on, some of the drivers were joined by the early escape of the day.

Whoever was missing in this group were all Germans, Spaniards, Poles, French sprinter Bouhanni, but also all Czechs. In the second group, which was followed by the German trio Greipel, Kittel, Degenkolb, only Zdeněk Štybar worked the Czech team, others stayed far behind.

On the road there was a fall, after which they were forced to resign Slovenec Mezgec , Kolumbijec Gaviria and Australian Durbridge, whose sudden deceleration caused the caramel.

The second group’s loss first settled for 30 seconds, yet its riders were unable to close the hole.In the side wind, Štybar was also involved in the creation of tempa, Degenkolb was doing a huge job, while Belgian Debusscher tried to disturb their work for strategic reasons, which eventually resulted in a conflict between him and Degenkolb.

The loss of Štybar’s group grew 100 miles ahead of the target for a minute sports betting bonus and a half and 85 kilometers ahead of the target for two minutes.

When it was even three minutes, they resigned from the desperate fighter ride when they entered the penultimate round of Degenkolb and Kittel.

The first group, tireless Belgian worker Stuyven, brought the first group to the final circuit, at the decisive 15.2 kilometers.There were still 25 riders, half of whom were Belgians.

Who is trying to attack?

Jumbo, who has won a single race for his entire career – Tour of Langkawi.

He could have hoped for a while. But for the last 500 meters, the Belgian train, which is currently undergoing a change for Roelandts, was fired at him.

However, the Belgians did not change the Boonen gold.Their leader began to spur in the center, but Cavendish was on the left, and along the barrier where he left the little space of the Italian Nizzolo, Sagan moved forward.

„I’m delighted that next year we will have a rainbow jersey in the team, „Also congratulated Jan Bárta on Twitter, who will compete with Sagan as well as Leopold König for the German stable Bora.