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Even after thirteen minutes into the attack aired Jorginho Callejon. He noticed more Gonzalo Higuain, but the experienced striker and top scorer in the Calcio burned far above! After pulling Lorenzo Insigneho the side of the lime reappeared Higuaín and beautifully shot. Even better save but the keeper Skorupsky Betclic sports betting online showed that beautifully set out for a corner! But then the whole stadium paused. For ordered free kick is also due to target then pushed youngster Leandro Paredes!

Naples has been in an embarrassing position and had to catch up. But it was seen that it does not trouble. Cooperation between Lorenzo Insigne and Higuain ended with a header Argentines, who is himself mistaken lime and leveled – 1: 1st But that is not all. Only ten minutes after the first goal had been collected Betclic online sports betting Partenopeo turned negative situation in your favor. The flirting standard situation had stood Lorenzo Insigne and beautifully scored 2 – 1 for Naples! The second half both teams Betclic football bets online entered the unchanged assemblies, but now it was Empoli, which had shed forces to attack. In a way it filled because another player who scored the goal, was just visiting defender Michele Camporese. But the joy of it not because he knocked a cross into the Betclic free bets online side of their own gates and helped the home team. The young defender was obviously just trying to atone for his mistake, and after execution Leandro Paredes pointed head kick just millimeters next to the sanctuary of the home goalkeeper Reina. He just looked for the ball. Then the pitch came as a fresh force Gabbiadini, Mertens or visiting Mčedlidze. Seven minutes before Betclic online betting the end of today’s duel Naples again rejoiced because the Belgian Mertens found a beautiful waist behind the defense, Jose Callejon, who – unguarded – hung up. Convulsions and confusion in the defense of Empoli was clear and Naples took advantage once again.