Eurobook I., or France, is mildly reeling for our invincibility

France entered its third home European championship fairly nervously, nervously. Rowling has not been able to basically go to any of the expected stars headed by Griezmann, Evra or Pogba, but thanks to Payet’s beautiful shot from lime, she has entered the tournament victoriously…

Let me explain briefly The essence of one of the pillars of this format of the Eurowindows: tables with three distinctive characters of each match.

Inside the right edge of the match, you will find the best player of the match according to the statistic server.The reason for using it is obviously: we consider the database to be unibet the most complex and therefore usually the best to tell about real performance.

So then you do not have to go to the page yourself, we have just drawn the statistical boxes for you The soccer star’s symbolic star has probably been the biggest contributor.

We are now following our pure choice of heroes and renegades, and we have privately asked to never interfere with WhoScored to select as many as possible for you. P>

1. France is great but plays too vertically. Deschamps’s team has gone into the tournament in an over-the-top. There can be no doubt about that.The first for about ten minutes came to France in a possibly assumed state: Pogba et al. They ran around the field as a madman, which much better concentrated Romanians could use to make initial pressure. In the rest of the match, the French have shown that they are simply qualitatively somewhere else, yet there remains one important question – can Deschamps play 4-3-3 for maintenance? This was the game that France was supposed to dominate. She had to hold the ball, dictate the pace of the game, look for ways to break the opponent’s defensive. Instead, we have seen anarchist parade of genial entrances at 30-50 meters, unnecessary ball loss and tense nerves.Perhaps if Yohan Cabaye came to N’Gola Kanty, France would have a slightly more conspicuous impression.

This, of course, is not Kanti’s criticism; He himself performed very well, and we have just named him as the player of the match. But when the French advance is made up of three dynamic runners, one of the most important elements in the game is Les Bleus: the ability to control the image of the game. In today’s game we saw countless exciting one-touch events, great backstops for the defense, fast forward-looking…but at the same time a minimal transfer of the game from one league to the next. France just played exclusively on the vertical line, and it could be a substitute for the tournament.It sounds like a heretic thought, but there will be fights when it will be necessary to exchange Kanty for a quiet deep-lying playmaker. The question is, if Deschamps is going to have a courage.

2. The Romanians have the only really strong side: great press in the middle of the pitch. An important point is related to the previous point: the Romanian double-pivot today did a great job in pushing both French outer midfielders (Pogbu and Matuidi) into unnatural positions.If the French have taken advantage of the virtual use of the vertical crossings into the offensive third, Rumuni, on the contrary, managed to score by perfectly spoiling their favorite efforts to control the center of the playing field. Hoban and Pantilia were not at first glance, but their black work carried Success: Not one of the French footballs on the edge of the Deschamps 4-3-3 advance did not play a good game. The Romanians actually had only two real chances; The first one came in the wild start of the game, the other made Evra throw a totally unnecessary penalty. Otherwise, the Jordanian team limited itself to destruction, but not destruction in a deep block – on the contrary, it destroyed French peace by a very active attack around the center circle. Eventually, it almost paid off.Still, the Romanians do not have a good enough team to succeed in the tournament; However, Iordanescu has successfully identified his biggest weapon, making it almost impossible to catch the biggest favorite of all. And that is in itself a recognition.

3. French stars are more nervous than they would be. What does Les Bleus really owe for today’s success? These are players who have been criticized before the tournament – Olivier Giroud, Adil Rami, N’Goolo Kanté (who was overwhelmed by inexperience on the international stage). On the contrary, the assumed tahouni failed. This applies to both Pogb, Griezmann and Matuides, and especially to Evro (compare his work on the Sagna course!).The worst performance of a professional soccer player than that of a Juventus legionnaire was the last time I saw in Auxerre when Stéphane Grichting defeated a penalty within thirty minutes, did not watch the player at the corner near the pole and let go. But Grichting was at least sympathetic.

Anyway, the fact that the stars of this selection were not able to do so is an important piece of knowledge, especially from a psychological point of view. Deschamps France will be extremely entertaining to watch – he can not play „handball“ in the style of Del Bosque Spain, he has obvious problems with standards (!!), he relies heavily on quality but on a detailed sophisticated game plan – but if he is really lucky for gold , Will need strong leadership.Captain Hugo Lloris will not give it to him, because he is not the kind of uncompromising leader. There are players who have spoken loud about the bench today. Tragéd Evra, an extremely talented but still lazy Pogba, invisible Griezmann.

Preview of the first match today Switzerland – Albania (from 45:30) :